Forwarding Address: OS X

Monday, January 14, 2002

For a company that prides itself on an intuitive interface, placing the setting that switches between a standard and a military 24 hour clock under "International" is pretty unintuitive. Especially when that option was under Date & Time in Classic. Grr.

But I quibble. My transition has been rather smooth. Or rather, forced migration. I'm starting to see support and development drop for Classic applications. (Opera's recent release of the final version for Classic sounds pretty ominous).

And I'd be all right switching over, except stinky things like this keep popping up: I can't watch my Rushmore DVD on my Lombard because the OS X DVD player doesn't like my old, creaky machine. A development ploy to force me to get a G4 eventually? I wouldn't be surprised if more and more applications will have these kinds of limitations.

But, as my Amazing Internet Machine, it's faaaaaantastic. I agree with Dan that Fire is awesome. Too bad no one talks to me online anymore except Big Brains Jenson.