Forwarding Address: OS X

Friday, January 04, 2002

My biggest complaint about OSX is how often I find myself rebooting: Everytime I play a quick game on MacMAME, I lose my mouse cursor and have to reboot. Also, everytime I play an OpenGL game (like Wolfenstein or Quake3),I have to reboot if I wish to play another OpenGL game else I get an error: "Cannot initialize OpenGL". really seems to hate my IMAP server but I get the impression that is rapidly changing.'s IMAP support is pretty young.

XEmacs refuses to read my source as anything but read-only so I use Project Builder's code editor for everything. PB is actually pretty pleasant and much, much faster than JBuilder ever was for the feature-set I need. I guess that it'll be 3-6 months until a full port of XEmacs 21 is ready for Aqua.