Forwarding Address: OS X

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

[11:41] mrhappy: hey - can I post to your OS X blog?
[11:44] dnm: Have you found any new cool software you can't live without recently?
[11:45] mrhappy: I see, I have to audition to post to your blog
[11:45] mrhappy: well then....*
That's when I froze. But I should have mentioned OpenTerminal Here, a toolbar applescript that simply opens a new terminal window who's local working directory is the current directory of the front-most Finder window. Which is to say: it opens a terminal to whichever folder you happen to be working in at the time. This saves me more time and effort than I care to imagine.

I've gone from not having to use a terminal window ever (in 10 years of Mac computing) to spending almost 3/4 of my working day in one. If you ever use the terminal, get this script and drop it into your toolbar. You'll come to love it too.

* (all comments taken out of context)