Forwarding Address: OS X

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Blosxom [pronounced "blossom" or "blogsome"] is a lightweight (to say the least -- it's <30 lines of code) Weblog-in-a-jiffy Perl CGI script for (but in no way limited to) Mac OS X. Blosxom simply nabs text documents (written in your text editor of choice) from a particular directory and displays them (in reverse chronological order) as a Weblog. Simplistic -- but a potentially useful spot of fun nevertheless.

The idea for Blosxom, while rattling about in my head for some time now, came to the fore in response to George's query regarding the existence of any weblog tool that takes makes use of some of the built-in yummy goodness of OS X.

Blosxom version 0+1i is available for download now. See Blosxom run with or without style.

What prescience! As I write this up, George has more to say on the subject. George, I guess I hit at least two of the four: Apache Web server, Perl scripting (so it's not AppleScript, oh well). I might even pose that simple text files are quite the content management system for the vast majority of computer users. I guess that just leaves XML-RPC and SOAP...

vi blosxom<return>