Forwarding Address: OS X

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Far from the Cocoa/Carbon religious wars, here a few random command-line things I've picked up recently.
  • Typing "AppleSystemProfiler" dumps, well, Apple System Profiler data to the console. (If only it had a gratuitous XML output option...) A clever Mac tech I know at an Apple reseller uses this in single-user mode (Cmd-S on startup) to verify RAM upgrades on new systems without getting sucked into Apple's automatic registration app. If that's just too many letters for you to type, take advantage of command completion: A (tab) S (tab) (return)
  • Typing ">console" as a username at the login window takes you straight to a full-screen login shell, if for some reason you need to avoid Aqua but don't want to reboot for single-user mode.
  • Added to ~/Library/init/tcsh/aliases.mine: alias here open `pwd`. So now I type "here" in the shell and I get a finder window for the very directory I'm in. Kind of the inverse of the Applescript widget I linked to a few days ago.
Also, I want to plug LaunchBar again, since there's a new beta up. This is an elegant, super-intelligent, unobtrusive, way deep, incredibly useful tool. Its keyboard-driven philosophy isn't for everybody, but what is? For me, it obviates the need for all kinds of Dock enhancements, launchers, hotkey utilities, and retro-hacks. I liked it so much I bought it twice.