Forwarding Address: OS X

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

I neglected to mention another useful app suggested to me by my uncle: FruitMenu from the fine folks behind Unsanity, who also make another one of my faves, WindowShade X. I may also, like my uncle, hate the cutsey title "haxies", but you cannot deny how much these little apps and system mods rock. I'm glad that people are still pumping these sorts of useful little bits out, much as a lot of people did for Mac OS <= 9.

On a space reclamation front, I downloaded and fired off DeLocalizer today, which allows you to remove unused localizations from your machine. You could do this with a shell script easily enough, and I remember seeing some posted to places like Mac OS X Hints and the like, but I never got around to grabbing one of them. Besides, what's Quartz for if not good-looking gratuitous GUI interfaces to mundane Unix drudgery? DeLocalizer lets you select the locales and language packs you don't want and scans then cleans your system of those unwanted files. In the current version, it never removes American English, so if that's all you use, just check all and hit clean. I reclaimed over 268 MB of space!

Oh, and my "/" key is working again. Just needed a little fiddling with. Now back to my regularly scheduled wait while my OpenBSD ports tree continues updating in Virtual PC 5...