Forwarding Address: OS X

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

i too am in the market for an RSS client for Mac OS X. so far, Radio UserLand seems to be the most complete (oh, yeah, it also comes with a blogging tool built on an extensible content management system and an Apache-based (thanks Jim) web server), but i suffer from an inability to pay for software when the free stuff is so close to doing what i want it to do.

i took one look at Plucky and pitched it into the trash -- it's a CFM/PEF binary that'll suffer from performance issues until such time as REALbasic can spit out Mac OS X-only Carbon apps (ie, Mach-O binaries) like CodeWarrior or Project Builder can. (what i meant to say is REALbasic rules all -- happy Chris?)

using Fink, i installed Python solely for the purpose of using Peerkat (written by our very own Rael Dornfest) but, so far, i have proved too stupid to add my own feeds to the beast -- it's only polling O'Reilly stuff.

i also discovered an AppleScript Studio application in the Mutsu AppleScript Studio Repository on SourceForge called RSSX. it doesn't work for me at all, but it's open source (under the BSD license). i'll be digging through the source -- maybe i can learn something.

so, the upshot seems to be that the most complete solution out there is commercial. it's damned frustrating.