Forwarding Address: OS X

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

As long as we're talking about browsers: Mozilla 0.9.9 has been released.

Several of the bugs I had been meaning to submit seem to have been fixed. Mozilla is the browser I use the most, though it ain't pretty and creating new windows can be quite sluggish. The tabs are addictive -- with a maximized window it's the closest thing we've got to the fullscreen modes mentioned earlier. (I still have high hopes for the Mozilla-derived Chimera too). And if you want to get pumped up about the significance of Mozilla, read Andrew Leonard's new piece in Salon.

I've relied on Launchbar for bookmark parsing for the past several months, since I use three or four browsers regularly and Launchbar is capable of scanning all their bookmark files. Now I'm experimenting with a folder-based system (scanned by Launchbar, natch). Too bad you can't drag a bookmark from the browser toolbar to a folder in the Dock, grr. (And yes, I know, URL Manager! I am still in therapy exploring my deep-seated resistance to this program.)