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Monday, March 04, 2002

i took an extra second or two to take another look at what MovableType produces, and it looks like there is a way to get MT to generate "stand-alone" HTML (like Blogger or Radio UserLand: if your blog's set to http://localhost/mt/blog/ you can copy the whole directory (archives and all) out to a different location (say, your "Documents" folder) and do a search-and-replace for the string "http://localhost/mt/blog" (substituting whatever path you want to use on your remote host). re-save the files and upload everything to your remote host. i did all of this manually and used BBEdit Lite for my searching-and-replacing, but no doubt you could use your scripting language of choice to automate the process and run it at regular or event-triggered intervals.

the downside is that anything that relies on any of the MT CGIs won't work (obviously). that, and there's nothing more tedious than having to upload the whole blog to the remote server every time -- some sort of differential upload would be nice.

i also have Rael's blosxom up and running on my PowerBook. it surely must be the lightest-weight blogging tool out there!