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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Speaking of URL Manager, reader Morley Chalmers writes in:
I was using OmniWeb, but have switched back to IE for one simple reason --
URL Manager. This handy little tool lets me create and manage bookmarks like
absolutely nothing else I've seen. Alas, the folks at Omniweb have not
enabled their product to work with utilities like URL Manager.

URL Manager lets me save and store bookmarks immediately in the structure
that makes sense to me. For some reason I was never able to get my head
around OmniWeb's approach.

IE, while not outstanding, is nevertheless adequate for the job.
For some reason, I never use bookmarks in a browser, I'm more likely to put them in a file or in my blog's sidebar if I visit the site frequently. I guess that comes from switching browsers so frequently throughout the years.