Forwarding Address: OS X

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

hmm...nice UI, this Blogger Pro. been a while (and i've had problems of my own w/blogaritaville, but i'm back to point out that Chimera, a Gecko-based, Cocoa browser is now up to v 0.2. it's a nice lightweight (just a browser, no e-mail, news, or IRC clients, or source editor) alternative to Mozilla and Netscape. it's also more Mac OS X-like in appearance (Aqua widgets and Quartz rendering, for example). being v 0.2, plenty of stuff is missing or wobbly (plug-ins aren't fully implemented, pop-up menus in HTML don't work, and it's prone to the odd crash here and there when you fiddle with bookmarks), but the most important thing is the fast, standards-compliant rendering (IMHO).