Forwarding Address: OS X

Saturday, May 25, 2002

The upcoming O'Reilly OSX conference has issued its call for participation -- do you have an OSX tech-topic you want to speak about? I've sat on a number of O'Reilly conference "kitchen cabinets" now, reviewing the proposals that came in, and it's a huge pleasure to see the kinds of creative things people are working in the technology universe. A suggestion: Don't pitch your product; rather, propose a talk that explains your product in a context (i.e., not "Here is my thing, which does stuff," but rather, "Here is some stuff, which is important because of x, y and z. My product coincidentally does stuff." Caveat: for "stuff" do not substitute $BUZZWORD, but rather some real and meaningful aspect of $BUZZWORD, i.e., "Bioinformatics for the consumer generation of evil clones," as oppposed to "Biometrics kick ass, just ask all the empty suits at $MARKET_RESEARCH_FIRM.") Link Discuss