Forwarding Address: OS X

Saturday, July 06, 2002

Anyone seen one of the much-ballyhooed Bluetooth/USB dongles yet?

According to MacUser (a UK magazine) D-Link are having major production difficulties caused by a component shortage and quality control issues, and Apple have indefinitely postponed production. If true, this is a real downer -- I've got a Bluetooth phone with GPRS -- an Ericsson T29m -- and I'm really looking forward to having wireless access everywhere from my iBook. But I haven't seen any confirmation of this rumour from elsewhere -- does anyone know the truth of the matter?

And are there any other Bluetooth solutions suitable for a dual-USB iBook out there?

(In the meantime, Ericsson do a serial data cable that works with the T29m, and I'm going to do some serious experimenting with a USB to serial adapter as soon as it arrives. It's kludgy, but for the time being it may be the only workable solution to long-range wireless on an iBook.)