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Friday, September 06, 2002

It looks like Apple is trying to make the $100 (or $50 for the early birds) .mac accounts go a bit further than most people initially thought.

  • 100 Free Kodak Prints (4x6 only)
  • Backup app that will span CDRs
  • Free download of the Popcap game Alchemy
  • $5 off Bejeweled
  • and finally the .Mac Slides Published

At first I thought it was quite a list. Then I took another look. Both Alchemy and Bejewled are available online from MSN's The Zone. Even Adam over at The Flangy News thought it was odd that games available online for free were being sold in a box.

The new Backup app is just an update that most paying customers would expect anyways.

I gave the .Mac Slides a test drive and boy was I under whelmed. The pictures get scaled down for uploading, then when run at full screen look horrible. You can subscribe to more than one slide show, but from my tests, you can only publish one slide show at a time.

But the one that makes it all worth while is the 100 free prints. Now there is something I can actually use. Of course, you only have until Dec. 31st to use up your 100 free 4x6 prints.

If these little gems keep showing up in my .mac account, I may start to feel like it was almost worth paying for... ;-) Link Discuss