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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

BareBones -- makers of the stellar MacOS text editor BBEdit -- have announced BBEdit 7.0, with lots of sweet new features. I use BBEdit for everything from writing novels to editing html to composing email -- I'm writing this blog entry in BBEdit!
BBEdit 7.0 allows you to configure multiple Web sites in the preferences and then work with files from any of the defined sites. Syntax coloring support for ASP/VBScript has been added, as well as XHTML 1.1 support in the HTML Tools and syntax checker, and a "Close Current Tag" command which speeds and simplifies HTML tag creation and editing.

For text editing, BBEdit 7.0 adds support for selecting and operating on rectangular regions of text.

Bare Bones also added a few general improvements including a "Paste Previous Clipboard" command, Quartz text smoothing support in editing views, improved support for Mac OS X Services (on Mac OS X 10.2), plus palette-savvy window resizing and a new "atop" window stacking option. A new plug-in info window displays version information, online help, and web links for installed plug-ins. Plug-ins can also now be installed via drag-and-drop.

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