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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Getting your bookmarks into Safari is relatively easy once you figure out that the first time Safari runs it imports your Internet Explorer bookmarks. If MSIE was where your primary bookmark file lived, you're done. If not, first export your primary bookmarks into MSIE. Then you just need to convince Safari that it's running for the "first time", which as far as I can tell is done by deleting its prefs file from ~/Library/Preferences, and deleting the folder ~/Library/Safari as well.

Initial impressions of Safari: Wow, it sure is fast. Even on this pokey 500mhz iBook. Give us back our tabs! Sure is fast, though. [INTERIOR: cups banging on prison cafeteria table] Tabs! Tabs! Tabs! Seems to render CSS layouts okay, a few nonfatal glitches. No provision for bookmark-menu separator spaces, that's annoying. Tabs! The people demand tabs! Did I mention how fa--