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Monday, January 20, 2003

Here's a notion that might help keep Chimera alive. Like a lot of people, I grabbed Safari and started using it right away. I love the speed and the uncluttered interface. But (you knew this was coming) I really miss tabs. Trouble is, I've added tons of bookmarks and done some major re-organizing since going over to Safari. The prospect of having to manually redo all of that, if I went back to Chimera, keeps me from making the jump back.

Thing is, the Safari bookmarks are just an ASCII file, as are Chimera's. It ought to be possible for someone who knows what they're doing to write a tool for converting Safari bookmarks to Chimera's format, or any other. It's beyond me, but it's obvious that it's possible. If such a tool existed, I'd go back to Chimera in a hot minute, and I doubt I'm unique in this.