Forwarding Address: OS X

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

More on iCommune: Since it seems that Apple is unwilling to allow innovation, James Speth has decided to change iCommune into a stand-alone app. Here's the rest of his wishlist for the upcoming version:
  • a stand-alone application that manages network accessible music libraries
  • able to generate and manage playlists for your favorite mp3 player
  • able to communicate with and control your mp3 player using AppleEvents
  • Rendezvous-enabled
  • built with a robust indexer and XML format that properly handles non-ASCII characters
  • completely free of any Apple proprietary code or interface use
  • completely open source under the GPL

Is there anybody who can explain to me why it's not in Apple's best interest to have left applications like iCommune alone? Why does the iTunes Device SDK license disallow network use? Is it fear of the DMCA?

Should we continue to develop for a vendor that bullies it's developers? Certainly Apple has the right to put whatever clause into any license they see fit just as we have the right to 'Switch Back' to Linux, *BSD, or any of the other platforms where we won't get harassed. Please pardon my rant but it really does bother me.