Forwarding Address: OS X

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Alsoft has announced DiskWarrior 3, the first OS X native version of that app. A lot of migrators from OS 9 ask me nervously about what kind of disk utilities they should be running. I usually tell them not to worry about it -- the stability of the OS effectively eliminates those mid-write crashes that cause so much of the disk corruption under OS 9; the system automatically checks the disk on startup if it detects anything amiss; and for that feeling of extra protection you can always enable journaling. Anyway, despite my extreme anti-fuss stance I believe DiskWarrior is an excellent product, even if OS X has reduced my need for it to a mostly psychological, don't-tempt-fate sort of thing. If I were responsible for taking care of other folks' machines I would certainly have a copy handy always. The only fault I can find with this version at first look is that it doesn't support UFS. Discuss