Forwarding Address: OS X

Friday, April 04, 2003

UNIX sysdadmin Mike Knell is conducting a little survey of UNIX people who have been using OS X. (Replies should go to the e-mail address given in his message.)
 Having bought an iBook just after Christmas due to the fantastic UNIXness of
 MacOS X, I've noticed that there are a lot of people in the UNIX admin world
 who seem to have been sprouting Macs over the last year or so since OS X
 became, uh, usable, and in particular a lot of people on sage-members are
 mentioning OS X these days.
 I thought I might do a little survey to see how prevalent this actually is,
 so if you're one of those UNIX people who's started using a Mac since the OS
 X fuss started, it'd be interesting if you could drop me some mail at with some or all of the following information:
 1) What machine you bought
 2) When you bought it
 3) Why you bought it (i.e. "It runs UNIX and it's cool!")
 4) What platform you would have previously used for the application you now
    use a Mac for (i.e. "Linux on a Toshiba laptop")
 5) Whether you plan on buying any more Macs - or do you just have the one
    machine for the curiosity value?
 For instance, in my case:
 1) iBook 800MHz
 2) December 2002
 3) It runs UNIX and it's cool!
 4) Windows or FreeBSD
 5) A G4 PowerMac, sometime when I can afford it.
 Add any other free-form comments you care to, and I'll quote the interesting
 ones in the results.
 Please reply directly to me to avoid spamming the list - I'll summarise the
 responses to the list. Feel free to pass this mail on to anyone who'd not on
 the list but who might be a likely respondent. I'll probably expand this to
 a web-based survey if the results are intriguing enough..