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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I've hacked together a little search proxy, lazysearch.php, out of frustration at Safari's lack of a Mozilla/Camino-style bookmark "keywords" feature. It was also inspired by a recent entry at

So what does it do? Basically it allows you to enter search queries like "s/foobar" (to search for "foobar" on google) or "s/n/apple" (to search for "apple" on google news) right into the location box of your browser. Because it's implemented at a system level, it should automatically work in all browsers on your system, unless they are too clever for their own good.

This requires that you are comfortable with a little Netinfo and Apache configuration. If you want to customize the script, you'll need to edit strings in the PHP source. I'm definitely looking for feedback and suggestions. Enjoy! Discuss