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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

AAPL Gets an Upgrade

While not juicy technical news, it is nice to once again get the "analysts" to see that the iPod is a killer piece of hardware. It's sales are very important to Apple right now. Not only are the most likely contributing to increased system sales, people are still buying tracks from the iTunes Music Service at about a clip of 500k/week. Not bad.

The other main reason AAPL got a boost is that it was bringing iTunes to Windows. Truth be told, it's a freakin' huge market. "Apple is abandoning its long-standing strategy of confining its award-winning software to the Mac platform," said Charles R. Wolf.

Another reason they gave for a bump is the upcoming G5 or PPC 970. If you like down and dirty CPU reviews you need to read Jon "Hannibal" Stokes' articles at ArsTechnica: PPC 970 Part I, Part II. Discuss