Forwarding Address: OS X

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Welcome Mailsmith 2.0!

I still don't see IMAP on the list of features. You do get built-in support for PGP 8 and Apple Address Book though, while very still isn't enough to get me to jump.

Why do I have to have IMAP? I read my mail from at least four different locations and POP just sucks for that. But isn't IMAP just like using POP but leaving the message on the server? No. Server side folders are the main IMAP feature that I can't live without.

Anyway, I'm grabbing the demo now and I'll let you know if they stuck IMAP in as an easter egg.

Update: No sooner had I hit publish than I looked up to see that Daring Fireball had posted a note on the new Mailsmith as well. John mentions that IMAP people tend to throw a hissy fit (I hope I didn't come across that way) when they find out that IMAP still isn't in Mailsmith. He thinks that it's a strange thing to take personally. Me, I think it's a testament to how much people love products (read: BBEdit) from BareBones and want to use Mailsmith, but can't. John even points out, perhaps adding insult to injury, that if you don't use Mailsmith you are missing out on a "crackerjack email client."