Forwarding Address: OS X

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

do you know how butt-simple it is to back up your tibook? when i reinstalled my lapdog last, i tried out UFS -- i really wanted to use UFS instead of HFS+ as i was entralled by the possibility of seeing everything in the clear on the command line instead of it being hidden in the resource fork. unfortunately, UFS seemed slower on my box and apps like virtual pc were a no-go. but i digress.

backing up and restoring on my box were really simple. i plugged in my 30GB ipod and installed os x on it (which went smoothly, i just selected it as the drive to install to when the installer asked me). then with a few points and clicks, i got disk copy to create an image of my powerbook's drive and save it to my ipod. click, click, reboot while holding down "T" (to boot firewire target mode) -- instead of your laptop's drive whirring you'll hear the ipod happily clicking away. perfect. when booted, format your laptop's drive, then expand out the image onto the notebook's drive, and voila.

jeez. i remember the hassles i would go through before on my other computers. this is just too easy. to make it even easier, the carbon copy cloner will even schedule the creation of disk images! if anything goes wrong with your laptop, its your fault. these people just make it too easy.

update (7/21/03 23:34): oops, thanks to adam sherman to pointing out that i left out how to restore the disk image to the hard drive. use bombich's carbon copy cloner for that.