Forwarding Address: OS X

Monday, July 21, 2003

I'm wondering if Panther fixes any of OS X's subtle, but annoying and persistent, problems with monitor-spanning.

(For the record, while this is a gripe post, in general I love how easy OS X makes monitor-spanning. I consider it indispensible.)

I use two displays vertically stacked (my PB internal below and a 17" CRT above, for a 1152x1638 desktop). A lot of these problems are much more noticeable with this kind of setup, which I can only surmise has never been used by any OS X developer inside Apple.

A couple examples:
  • with the menubar on the top monitor, open Clock. Drag it to the bottom. Now drag back to the top. Oops, you can't!
  • with the menubar on the bottom monitor, open any Cocoa app on the bottom. try to drag its window to the top. Oops, you can't! (There may be Cocoa apps that don't do this and Carbon ones that do, but none that I've tried.)
Anybody running a Panther preview that can check these? Just curious. (Also, for the record, I did report this bug to Apple a couple months back -- the Clock example at least. Haven't heard anything yet...) Discuss