Forwarding Address: OS X

Monday, November 03, 2003

The founder of the GNU-Darwin project wrote an interesting editorial on Apple and open source today. I really appreciate that the GNU-Darwin project played a role in helping to make the APSL a better open source license.

In my opinion, Apple has made a lot of good progress (such as opening up Darwin, WebCore, and the Objective-C runtime under the APSL) but I do hope they'll go further and open up Cocoa under the APSL. Frequently when programming in Cocoa I remember that I have no significant rights since everything is still, as all of the Cocoa header files simply say, "Copyright 2003 Apple Computer. All Rights Reserved". I didn't use to care about that. Open source helped me realize that I can have rights, too. Apple's been gracious so far, I hope they continue to be. It's played a significant role in me buying and evangelizing Apple products.