Forwarding Address: OS X

Thursday, November 06, 2003

More Unixy goodness. First, James Stansfield wrote to point out that:
sudo apachectl configtest
The above command works wonders as well... This can be run when apache is running
Second: a friend is looking for answers to the following:
Any idea how to set permissions permanently in /dev/?

It's not a disk filesystem, so any changes you make are lost on reboot, and I want to change the perms of /dev/bpf* so I can run tcpdump as myself.

I've only found one reference, some guy on mailing list suggesting that apple's DevFS is old, and doesn't allow configuration of device permissions.

Any ideas? I can make tcpdump setuid root, but I've built 3 versions in the last 2 days, and there seems something wrong about having to do that (not the building, the setuid rooting).

Anyone? Discuss