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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A friend is having a problem with MPEG-2 video and Final Cut Pro. FA: OSX readers have thus far managed to answer almost every esoteric question posted here thus far so I figure this one ought'a be easy:
I'm using a Mac G5 and Final Cut Pro. I have lots of video I edit directly from the DV camera and other video that has already been saved in MPEG-2 format. When I put the clips together I want to be able to use it in MPEG-2 so it works universally on any PC.

I have been having trouble editing MPEG-2 video on this system, however. When I import it into Final Cut, there is no audio track. I assume this is because on MPEG-2 the audio is interleaved but there should still be a way to convert it. I have the "Compressor" that comes with Final Cut which seems like it should be the way to do it but it can import anything but MPEG-2.

If you have any advice I'd appreciate it. I'm sure its a simple answer.

Anyone have any ideas? Discuss