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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Brent Simmons of Ranchero Software is to be commended for the 2.0 (beta) version of NetNewsWire. Not only has he refined this great app (and its freeware sibling, NNW Lite), but he has a clear desire to fight application bloat. The big news is that he's broken out the weblog editing functions into a separate app, MarsEdit. And before you accuse him of trying to multiply his revenue streams, note that paid users of NNW 1.x will get free upgrades to all NNW 2.x and MarsEdit 1.x versions. Even cheapskate NNW Lite users like me get some cool new stuff, like selectable preview styles and Rendezvous sharing.


  • Hear Hear!

    This is truly great stuff. I was about to leave NNW v1 because some of the competitors offered grouping of news sources, and v2 takes care of that. Also the smart sources which amount to filtering of all feeds, are just nifty.
    In almost every case, NNW anticipates what I want to do and provides a way to do it. MarsEdit looks to be a definite improvement on how most people file their stories using a browser. I really like that I can get used to this tool for posting stories and switch underlying blogging tools without any pain.


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