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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Surprise, surprise: If, while in the Printer Setup Utility, you hold down the Option key and click the "Add" toolbar button it provides access to the "Avanced" pop-up menu option in the resulting dialog sheet (you get me? No? Give it a try). That "Advanced" bit can be really quite useful when your Mac absolutely refuses to recognize your printer.

Maybe this is stupendously obvious to everyone else but I had no idea. That's the kind of hidden, non-obvious, power-usery shenanigans that makes me want to maniacally click every toolbar button everywhere with the Option key held down just to see what else is lurking in the Option-enabled alter-verse.


  • Yup.. the advanced menu is how you select a driver installed by Gimp-Print, which adds support for a lot of otherwise unsupported printers. It's worth a try for those who need it.

    By Scott M., at 9:38 AM  

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