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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

"Words are cheap and vitriol flows like water down the crumbling, mossy mountainsides of prose. Megabytes of gibberish grind forth like glaciers from the keyboards of the thirty million guinea pigs participating in the largest clinical trial ever: the testing of a new reality completely devoid of common sense."

-- Charlie Stross, commenting on Usenet

I think people often forget about USENET, except of course for the people who still use it. Then of course there is Google Groups, which many people may not even equate with USENET, even though right on the front page sits, "Post and read comments in Usenet discussion forums." Anyway, the key to USENET is finding the information needle the proverbial haystack that is USENET.

In comes Unison from Panic. Released in 1.0 form back in January is now up to 1.5.1, with the latest coming today and containing a long list of bug fixes. Now Unison is not free, but nobody said we could only talk about F/free here. It's $24.95 and you need your own access to a nntp server. If you don't have access, they sell access. Although I would check with your service provider, as you probably have access already.


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