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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Browser-based presentation slides: S5

I just got back from leading an all-day software training where I made some use of Eric Meyer's S5 (that's "Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System"). It's not only a great demo of the power of JavaScript and CSS, but an elegant piece of design and a useful thing in its own right. A bonus is that it has print as well as screen styles, so you can print take-away notes from your slide file -- and these notes can include text not visible on your slides. If I were using it regularly I'd use some sort of templating system so I didn't have to look at HTML tags while I was composing my thoughts, but that's about it for criticism.

I'm going to be teaching HTML classes regularly starting in January, and I'm thinking it would be cool to use S5 in the dual role of lecture tool and technology demonstration.

(If you use Safari, does that make it S6?)


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