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Friday, October 21, 2005


By now you've heard about Aperture, Apple's new pro-level imaging app. Is it iPhoto on steroids? iView on crack? Photoshop on lithium? Nobody can decide. I blathered more about it here, but if you're really curious and you happen to be within driving distance of NYC you should head on over to the PhotoPlus Expo today or this weekend and see for yourself. I hear Apple has a big booth and I don't think it's for the iPod Shuffle.


  • Aperture's price is steep, but it finally adds a lot of features that I've been aching for (to the point of designing an app not unlike Aperture in my head many times over the past couple of years). Once again Apple has shown that they have developed a real knack for watching their customers and recognising the things that they do over and over again, or need to do but can't. The technology takes a back seat to the real needs of the people who will be using it. The price is pretty steep (600$ CDN), but an application like this could have saved me literally an hour of work just this past weekend alone.

    Case in point: my current camera is very fast, and as a result I take a lot more "burst" pictures than I ever did before. That means a LOT of work later in examining groups of 6 or 7 photos that are subtely different, in order to find the best one. I use a combination of Adobe Bridge, iView Media Pro, and ViewIt at the moment to try to keep this task from getting impossibly tedious. But none of them are designed to deal with this situation, so it's always a struggle. Aperture has a number of tools that seem to address this very situation.

    Gimme gimme gimme.

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