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As some of you have guessed, I've Switched Back to Linux. Between iCommune being put to sleep, Apple's use of the DMCA to kill products they don't like, and my huge questions regarding their licensing of Cocoa, I decided that it was no longer prudent for me to continue running OS X. I've already migrated most of my data over to another machine and in a few weeks to a few months I'll put my TiBook/667 and possibly my g4/400 tower on the market if I decide not to run LinuxPPC on it.

It seems to me that RedHat 8 + xdm + Gnome 2 is just as nice as OS X. Maybe that's because the only apps I care about are Emacs/Mozilla/gcc/bash. iTunes is easily (and thankfully) swapped out for xmms, Apple Mail is only slightly better than Ximian Evolution, and Redhat Network works as well for me as Apple Software Update ever did. It upgraded my kernel and system libraries without a hitch. Redhat found all my hardware (wifi card, built-in sound, video card, usb camera, etc), configured it correctly and had me up and running at my nonstandard resolution (1400x1050) in no time at all. They've done a Great Job.

This doesn't mean I'm going to start an anti-OS X crusade. I'm an Engineer not a Preacher, I only care about building stuff and while Apple's tech does help people build stuff, their legal department tears stuff down. I'm still really excited to hear about people's interesting OS X projects. I'm also going to continue developing in Objective-C whenever possible. I liked it before I had even heard of Cocoa, there's no reason to like it less now.

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