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I like salad. I like it so much that I used to eat it for lunch daily.This drove some of my coworkers crazy, who'd rather eat burritos, paninis, pasta carbonara, and other manner of non-salad for lunch. They'd argue that variety is the spice of life. Psshaw.. oil and vinegar are.

This coworker rejection led me to an idea:

"Hey, why don't I make a website where people can make lunch appointments to eat salad with me. Under my tutelage they'll become my army of salad slaves and we shall conquer the world!" (yes, I really thought this)
So I registered this domain and started working on a simple database-backed calendar app that would allow people to make appointments to eat salad daily with me. Then something happened, one of my coworkers repented and joined my salad crusade. Sadly I was unable to turn him into a one-man salad-powered army but having at least one person to eat salad with daily was enough to keep me from finishing

Now that I work at home, I've become used to eating my lonely salad all by myself. Besides, I don't want grubby strangers in my apartment pawing over my copy of 'Practical File System Design', 'The Seasoned Schemer', and other classics. So I guess I'll just keep a blog here.

# — 26 October, 2001