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I had meant to discuss this earlier but have been rather busy this weekend eating thai food in the foggy sunset district.

Last week, the government of India offered the US a gift of 10MM pills of generic Cipro (as Bayer's patent doesn't hold water in India, a country not strangled by the WIPO). We turned them down.

Our gov't has stated recently that we may need as many as 1.2B cipro pills to treat the 120MM people who might be affected by a massive anthrax attack. There is some doubt as to whether Bayer can even produce that much cipro in such short demand and yet we refuse to put people over drug patents.

It should be no shocker that the pharmaseutical industry gave Bush $472,333 in campaign contributions. Please recall also that there are two former drug company executives in Bush's cabinet.

we're screwed.

# — 06 November, 2001