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I've been fighting off a cold these past few days, trying to balance resting and defeating the enemy: midnight code.

It's 4am and I should definitely be asleep but I'm the victim of that nagging "could be a sore throat but it isn't quite" funkiness. has been on my mind. So has smart contracts and a rebirth of a highly paired-down yet useful AMIX. Don't ask about either of these, I'll deny having mentioned them.

I see that MarkM put a new directory in the E cvs tree for 8.10delta release, I'm glad to see progress is moving along steadily. I really want to start hacking again in E.

Cannon's having a big xmas bash at his place on Saturday. Chocolate Fondue? Speaking of which, Star Wars: Starfighter has cleaned a lot of right-brain blockage lately. I've solved some of my hardest code problems blasting my way through Trade Federation blockades and flying through tight canyons. I've also died a lot in the game from lack of focus. Oh well. I'm a much better shot than I was with the original X-Wing for the PC.

# — 12 December, 2001