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I finally read Vernor Vinge's True Names. I can't believe I've never read it before, it's a fantastic story. It's definitely worth the hour it will remove from your day.

I think I'm going to start my media fast a little early. Tomorrow and Saturday I think I'll avoid coding, my wrists have been bothering me too much these past few days. The TiBook with it's keyboard tucked back to the screen forces me into uncomfortable positions just like when the Inspiron was my desktop, two years ago. Again, the remedy is an external keyboard and a monitor stand.

Yesterday and today I spent a few hours talking about Whisper theory with James. Tomorrow I'll write out design plans on paper. I'll get some damn sunshine, read more of darius' idel code, then toy with some recreational Math problems. I find it alien to solve math problems anymore without the aid of Mathematica so I won't be seriously attempting to solve these questions, I'll just pretend to solve them.

For the record, my "Today" is still Thursday. Night Living wreaks havoc with my blog's sense of continuuity, I'm sure.

# — 25 January, 2002