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I drug stacy apartment hunting with me. I'm hoping for this place on 36th ave and Geary, with a nice view of Golden Gate Park and a view of the ocean from the bus stop. Not to mention walk-in closets and almost no street noise for being so close to Geary. What a difference three houses in between makes.

I also had a typically Seinfeld-esque moment when we were touring a brand-new building. I'll only say this; Just because the apartment door is locked doesn't mean that the touring group won't find a way in while you're "testing" the john. I always seem to find myself in the middle of these "capers" It didn't help that the bathroom door lock was broken. "Oh, what's this room?" oh my!

I got the hell out of there.

Also, I've been studying lambda calculus pretty heavily, finding out fun stuff like (x.not(xx))(x.not(xx)) is the paradox of the untyped lambda calculus. I wonder why it took me so long to find this out.. I guess I never tried _not_ in my notebook.

Just so people don't think i'm a total nut: there were 30 empty apartments, all unlocked for touring, in that building. Yet they picked mine...

fyi, λ doesn't seem to work on all browsers for whatever lame reason.

# — 10 February, 2002