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That was really cool of Ev to post about my househunt. You're my apartment-helpin' cuz. (that's an obscure Pavement reference)

The apartment hunting is looking up, I met with an actual landlord after codecon friday and he seemed to really like me (and my sidekick, the ever-schmoozin' stacy). He seemed mostly concerned that I wasn't a flasher (fooled him, eh!). It was a nice place, near Golden Gate Park, hardwood floors, lots of window, great view of the bay and the top of golden gate bridge. Not to forget the rooftop access of the building next to my window, affording more of that aforementioned great view. A little far from grocery stores and places to eat but I think I'll manage.

So codecon has come and gone and damn, I had a good time.

I finally met many of the people who I've been conspiring with; zooko, bram, blanu, coderman, look, jillzilla, gabew, paulb and most of us engaged in some post-con booze olympics. At least I remember getting home and I definitely remember my hangover. I also remember dancing in front of National Lampoon's Vaction being projected onto the wall. The one-man-dance as I like to call it. It's my own invention, somewhere between the "robot" and the "stumbling idiot".

Hopefully many of the crew will show up at defcon or some other similar event between now and codecon 2.

On Friday, the source code to the Freedom server was released to the public under an RSAREF license and announced at codecon. It was encrypted with 3des (IOW, use gpg or pgp to decrypt) and the password is fairly easy to remember if you know your crypto history. For those few people who actually read this deep into my weblog and are interested it's "squeamish ossifrage" (no quotes but keep the space). If you're wondering where squeamish ossifrage came from, It's the answer to the first RSA challenge. In 1977, a 129-bit RSA (usually just called RSA-129) encrypted piece of text was supplied for the public to crack. In 1994, the answer was supplied and those two words were the most memorable parts of it.

Did I mention that I had a great time at codecon? Besides the one-man-dance during the alcoholics pseudonymous meeting, the thing I remember most is the great conversation. Not that it surprised me at all.

# — 18 February, 2002