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My site has been looking strange lately, i've been fiddling with CSS. Check it out in OmniWeb. Maybe that should be my site; No text, just cubism.

I received my order earlier. I'm impressed, everything was there and the produce was good looking despite the extra-green bananas. Today was the first day they were delivering in San Francisco.

The driver told me that there's a store at the very end of Fulton, about 30 blocks down, right across the street from the Ocean (No, it's not a club, it's the Pacific). That must be new because I don't remember it the last time I was there. That was late 2000, when I took my folks hiking the 40 blocks across Golden Gate Park, showing them the buffalo, the museum, the tea garden, and the carosel. Carosel. That word always makes me think of Logan's Run but I'm really not that old.

I might have the E paper finished before I go to bed tonight. I've been really careful with the wording as well as paying a lot of attention to the various critiques I've received. Finishing this paper is pretty important to me, I just need to find time around work and my home life.

MarkM was kind to include me on the page for the new E distribution. Zooko and I put on the costumes of simplistic Object-Oriented programmers and tried to figure out how those people would feel about E's class keyword. It's being deprecated as a result.

Unlike stevek (the beginner facet of me), the Maker pattern no longer troubles me. It's grown on me. I'd still like to hear the history of Maker patterns, as they aren't prototypes as far as I can tell (but I would have a hard time enumerating the differences) and they certainly aren't classes. On paper they're considered descendants of lambda calculus but what isn't?

We watched Alias last night and all I could think was: "when did this show turn into the X-Files?" I prefer skimpy costumes and ass kicking over wild-eyed Nostradomus-a-like prophecies. Please ABC, give me a break.I watch so little Television, I was hoping it didn't all suck.

I need to call speakeasy and try to run the gambit again to get my DSL service moved here. I don't know why this is so amazingly hard, I've been trying for weeks. If I could, I would just switch to PacBell but I'd have to pay speakeasy for the rest of my contract and at sDSL rates, that's not cheap.

# — 11 March, 2002