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From BoingBoing:
An Italian fertility clinic claims to have knocked up one of their customers with a clone, and she's eight weeks along. Link
Last night I had the opportunity to do something I rarely seem to do anymore, I wrote a small program generator. I had a massive switch statement to write so I wrote a litle generator in less than a dozen lines of python to make it for me, I just gave it a text file as input and it wrote a 'case' based on each line's contents.

Busvan for Bargain's is shutting down. Check it out if you're in the Bay Area and need cheap furniture. I found a coffee table and a rolling kitchen cart-cum-counter for under 250 including delivery and tax. 4th and Clement.

As a public service, LawMeme has annotated MPAA president Jack Valenti's recent interview with ZDNet's John Borland

For my birthday, Stacy found tickets to the Rancid/NOFX/US Bombs show on the 27th at Slim's. I'm really stoked to see all three bands on a single night. Besides touring together, Rancid and Nofx recently released a split where they covered each other's songs. I really like the album but if you're not pretty familiar with both bands, you may not.

# — 07 April, 2002