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Goodbye Daylight Savings Time

Goodbye Daylight Savings Time

Frankly, I hate DST. Good riddance. Having to change the time on my clocks doesn't bother me; all of my clocks recognize DST. My bedside clock listens for radio waves from the Martians, excuse me, the US Atomic Clock, my cell phone (which is the only watch I carry with me) synchronizes when somebody calls, and my powerbook and other unix machines use the power of ntp to figure it out. I see no reason to muddle with the sunrise time. It'll rise when it does.

LtU linked to a usenet thread about violating traditional Scheme semantics with valid R5RS macros which I think is definitely worthy of sharing. Most things on LtU are worth sharing.

Today was another p2p-hackers meet, spurred by dnm's imminent departure (hopefully he'll return in a few weeks for good). It was kevin burton, len sassaman, bram cohen, the moniz-inator, and myself wandering around San Francisco in a pseudo-socratic dialogue about pretty much anything you can imagine we'd talk about: chicks, drugs, lame pundits, food snobbery, who's making what mistakes with what projects, who's doing the right thing with what projects, current events, etc. So far, the last two meetings have lasted about 9-10 hours apiece which tells you that there's been a lot to talk about.

I'm going to ask Ev if I can have a page on the proper site to talk about RSS 1.0, why we're using it, and some best practices regarding parsing RSS feeds.

I'm still not entirely sold on RDF but I like some of the expressiveness that the Dublin Core and mod_content modules offer.

I need to find a better way to list my blogs on the left navbar. I want to list it by who I read more often, which is linked in my mind to how often they update.

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