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From stacy's blog

From stacy's blog:
"Some dude from Userland writes about "k-logs". (Why the concept has to have a fancy-foo name, beats me)."

Yeah, k-logs are nothing new, it's just trying to take a Worse is Better approach to the area of Knowledge Management, really. People panned the idea when Lotus tried to make it big but the reasons why were more social than technical, as far as I can tell. It's not that it was so hard to use the tools involved with KM, although they were certainly more difficult than currently weblogging tools, but that people didn't feel they had the time. They have "real work" to do. And frankly, I know how they feel. I typically have more than enough on my plate to keep me busy without piling on another hour keeping my "k-log" up to date. I do try to write things up but it can be a bit much at the end of a 12-hour day. The diligence and hard work does pay off, though.

One problem is that most people aren't good writers and don't particularly feel comfortable seeing their words on paper. Email was able to get past this by starting as a more casual writing medium. Hopefully k-logging will be able to ride b-logging's coattails in the same respect.

K-log authoring isn't a concept that's been worked through it's paces. I haven't seen a site that I would really call a Knowledge Log yet. Training people how to use categories, how to format a k-log entry, how to link it to conceptually similar k-log entries, and how to find those entries is of paramount importance even if that training is only one really good public Knowledge Log.

I'm interesting in seeing what people come up with and even more in helping build that one great public K-log to set it all off.

# — 02 June, 2002