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M.O.Z.I.L.L.A. (Don't any of you remember M.U.S.C.L.E.?)

M.O.Z.I.L.L.A. (Don't any of you remember M.U.S.C.L.E.?)

Damn that Evan Williams. He mentioned XForms today, which got me off on a tangent reading the XForms bugzilla.mozilla entry, and next thing you know, I've completely switched to mozilla and started hacking XPCOM in Javascript.

Before that, though, and despite my evangelism of Chimera, I'd become a frequent user of Mozilla. It's not that Chimera has put me off (even though it does have a few bugs that I would love to see vanish), it's just that Mozilla appeals to my need to extend and hack. I'm completely enamored with the fact that you can extend the browser with only Javascript via XPConnect. That seems to be only the second reason for learning Javascript that I can see, Jscm being the first. I don't spend enough time with HTML to care. I'm sure that shows.

Dug around the MozBlog source quite a lot today. MozBlog is a blog client that does local blogging but also implements a client for the Blogger API. It never did post for me even though I was able to login and see my latest entries. Lots of Javascript exceptions which the Javascript console exposed but I'm still trying to figure out how to debug components via the Javascript debugger. The vernacular and taxonomies have been evasive sofar even though I'm marginally knowledgable with everything Mozilla's using. strange.

Remember way way back, when the Communicator source was first released, didn't we all download the source and pour over it for weeks before some of us left it in disgust, and some in just boredom. This reminded me of all the good parts of that. I never did like C++, even though I was pretty proficient with it in college. That's a dirty secret, I'm sure Chris Baker will laugh for weeks. Communicator was a pretty good reason why I never programmed in it for a living.

Hacking around with RDF in Mozilla, and reading some of the docs, I'm reminded of a comment dnm made a while back: "Haven't we done this before? It was called Prolog". No, you had tools then. How can you be a rebel bad-ass if you have namby-pamby compilers that check syntax, man?

Back in that other world, Stacy and I were grabbing a bite to eat this afternoon when we stumbled across an open house: a 3-bedroom, 2 story with basement garage, deck and backyard. Only $955,000. Sheesh.

Pip Pip old chums, that's still less a million. And with two bathrooms even! Pure Luxury!

Sorry about that, I was bet that I wouldn't use "Pip pip, old chum" in a blog entry. Now that I've said it twice, I think I've safely won.

# — 16 September, 2002