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A few things:

We moved into a new office on Market St, it's a simple one-room dorm-style place where we can get together and take care of business. Ev's place was getting a bit crowded for this sort of work. There's a salad bar downstairs and Stacey's bookstore is across the street.

I paid an absolutely ridiculous amount of money for tickets to the 49er's v. Green Bay game played here in December. These tickets were 58$ if I'd have been able to purchase them directly instead of through one of the scalper scumwads who snatched them all up less than a week after the tickets went on sale. That really sucks.

My uncle, who's been flying around Russia shooting off rockets into space, sent my dad an Anti-Communist tshirt direct from Moscow. Dad's wanting one with a picture of Stalin that says "Manager of the Year" or the one with Lenin giving the bird to the Soviet flag, captioned in Russian with Fuck Communism.

Stacy and I saw the Common Rider show on Saturday. Our opinions on the subject are very, very similar. Go read her before and after posts to get an earful.

Sunday's p2p-hackers meet was fun, some new faces showed up.

Ever since I moved into my new place, the front door lock has been broken. Today they're supposed to replace it with a new one and our old keys are supposed to work. The problem is, I don't know if I even have one of the old keys, most of the keys I got when I moved in didn't go to anything. Oh well, I'll just muscle it open if I run into a problem.

I have an extra ticket to see Spirited Away so if you'd (as in, somebody I know in person) like to see it with Stacy, Irene, and myself, you're welcome to. This will be my first Miyazaki movie. Apparently he's a real rock star. As opposed to me, who's merely a porn star.

# — 10 September, 2002