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On Christopher Hitchen's Why Orwell Matters

On Christopher Hitchen's Why Orwell Matters

Question. In Orwell's 1984, do you remember off the top of your head, what land and people the three nations were fighting over?
In my several readings of the book, I don't remember the answer. The presenter of this question states that most students of Orwell miss his Cultural Connections. I'm totally lost. Somebody? Anybody? Don't say Spain.

Update: Matt remembers clearly: "they were fighting over (bits of) the middle east, africa, india and indonesia"

An Aside: Orwell had strong feelings about India, he was born there during British rule where his father was a servent of the crown, and himself served in their Indian Imperial Police for a few years, leaving when he realized that he was the "hand of the oppressors". Coincidentally, he hated Ghandi early on, thinking Ghandi to be a puppet of British imperialism. He later recanted and apologized. Orwell had also worked as a broadcaster for the BBC reporting on India.

# — 06 November, 2002