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whoops, I forgot to syndicate this article.

whoops, I forgot to syndicate this article.

I didn't miss DaringFireball's point, that there are some problems with the Finder, but I did find his anti-NeXT diatribe offensive.

On the subject of File Managers; frankly there were better file managers than the Finder. I picked up a PowerMac 7500 and ran OS 8 for 6 months in 2000, and ran x86 BeOS 4.5 right along with it at the same time. Be's File Manager felt better to me, and much more intuitive. Intuitive? How could anything be more intuitive than the Precious classic Finder? Please remember that half of intuition is experience. I can't explain why it was more intuitive to me than the Finder, it just was. I also ran NeXTStep on a color turbo slab that year and I was much happier with NeXT than MacOS and not merely because of the stability and improved tools. More on the point of the MacOS v. NeXT mindset; Drue Loewenstern gave me a choice quote from Greg Anderson: "Here we are in the land of the blind selling working eyeballs and they complain about the color."

Several of the points made on his second post are well taken, though. Especially the dissolution of the Human Inteface Group.

But if OS X were just OS 9 with more stability and memory protection, I never would have switched. I'm much happier with OS X than I would have been with OS 9+1.

# — 29 November, 2002