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As a young'un, I thought the bigger computer must be the faster computer. It seems I never got over that because my new thinkpad is a freaking monster. But it's worth every pound; a really bright display with a 1600x1200 resolution was my main reason for picking it up and it's turned out to be quite excellent. Nevermind that I had to buy another bag just so I could lug it around.

Linux as a desktop has grown up a lot in the year since I left. Anti-aliased fonts and a font-server that understands them are now part of the standard redhat 8 distribution which means that Mozilla finally looks nice under X. 'Neat' makes swiching between wireless networks a breeze and Redhat Network Update is as convenient as Apple's Software Update. I've updated my kernel and system libraries via it without a hitch. If you were to turn the console boot messages into a twirling fruity logo, I'd hardly remember I was using linux.

Bluecurve was nice but WindowMaker is still my preference.

# — 31 March, 2003