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I'm the new owner of a Hitachi G1000 PocketPC camera phone. I'm not sure what to say about it, it's like some gross physical salute to life on the cutting edge.

I agonized for some time, at least an hour, about whether I should get another PocketPC device. I was planning on getting a Zaurus this year but I really don't like carrying a phone and a PDA. Why this phone won me over is that it's an example of good convergence. It's not a blender-slash-calculator or a phone that can do my taxes; It's simply a camera phone that'll let me store addresses, play chess, and program in a variety of fun languages: scheme, python, PocketC. Converged exactly as I would, plus 6 ounces for good measure.

I suppose this means that sometime this week I'll need to follow Shellen's instructions for starting a Blogger moblog.

# — 17 August, 2003